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What will world be like in 10 years? You can be a part of it and influence the future! The 5th edition of the 3Mind is about to begin

For the 5th time 3M – a global innovation leader – encourages scientific clubs, young scientists and creative minds to join the nationwide 3Mind competition. The theme of this year’s edition is the use of industry 4.0. for the implementation of the sustainable development goals, and the winning team will receive a grant of PLN 10,000 to continue working on their projects.

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in a few years? Analysis of skin cells in the stratosphere to find a cure for melanoma or an autonomous underwater drone that explores the ocean floor to fight pollution – these are the winning projects, implementing the visions of participants in the previous two editions of the 3Mind competition. If you belong to a scientific club and you are working on a project related to sustainable development or industry 4.0, you can take part in change of reality around you! Join the 3Mind competition and present a prototype of a project that you think can revolutionize the world we know.

Change the world with 3Mind!

For the fifth time, 3M and Wrocławska Rada Federacji Stowarzyszeń Naukowo–Technologicznych (NOT) join forces to support and promote research projects of young scientists interested in technologies, chemistry, medicine, mechanics and other areas of STEM. The main task for the participants of the 3Mind competition will be to present a prototype of the project, referring to the creation of a better, more sustainable world and supporting the development of industry 4.0.
The project must be related to a solution with an industrial purpose, it is required to attach a film material and a descriptive part with technical details.

The competition is open to first and second degree students, who are members of scientific clubs operating at universities in Poland. To participate in the 3Mind competition, you must complete the application form on the website: and send a file with your own video material presenting the project. Only a few of the best teams will be qualified for the Final Gala. During this event, each team will have to convince the members of the jury to their implementation, and this year the finalists of the competition will also face an additional task during the Gala, which will test their creativity and teamwork skills.

This year’s edition of the competition will have five stages:

  • Stage I: Registration of participants (filling in the application form) and sending a self-prepared film, lasting a maximum of 1 minute (1.09 – 18.10.2020 until 20:00)
  • Stage II: Initial selection of applications – selection of 8 to 12 projects (October 19 – October 22, 2020)
  • Stage III: Selection of 4 to 6 previously selected, best projects (based on voting on the website (23.10 – 11.11.2020)
  • Stage IV: Preparation for the presentation of projects during the Final of the 3Mind competition with the support of 3M and NOT employees (13.11 – 25.11.2020)
  • Stage V: Final Gala of the 3Mind competition, announcement of the winner (27.11.2020)

3M believes that the future of science is in the hands of young minds. Participation in the 3Mind competition is not only an opportunity to develop your own creativity and test the potential of the project being created: the winning team will also receive a grant worth PLN 10,000 for the development of further activities.Detailed information in the regulations.

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